The Whitening Room provides cosmetic teeth whitening by a self administered service.

Using a professional 50 WATT light and a non-peroxide gel in a pre-filled syringe, which is a safe, legal and effective alternative to peroxide gels, we can lighten your teeth by up to 16 shades. 

During the procedure we DO NOT touch the client's mouth, teeth or gums; provide advice, recommendations or a diagnosis.

Following the procedure we offer a range of toothpastes, powder and home kits to maintain your smile.

We operate completely in line with the law as we are offering a cosmetic procedure – not a dental procedure. 

We are fully insured through Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance through NaturaWhite.

Our Teeth Whitening process and products are 100% safe and covered by European Council Directive on Cosmetic Products 2011/84 EU.

Besides teeth whitening, we offer Gel Nails using products from the amazing brand 'The Manicure Company'.

Your gel nails will last a minimum of 14 days.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliative facial which is performed using a scalpel to 'shave' away the outermost layers of the skin, leaving your skin feel smooth and bright.

It is a very popular facial, this treatment can be done every 3-4 weeks

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